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Wise Words for a Lonely Apartment

Most college renters are renting for the first time, and apart from the dorms, living on their own for the first time as well. This departure from home can cause feelings of loneliness and rootlessness. Living without roommates can compound these feelings. The freedom of finally living on your own is exciting and means you get to live however you decide, though there are occasional times when an apartment will leave you with a feeling of temporariness, and a feeling that you're not really "home". For times like these, making your apartment life enjoyable might be as simple as looking at things in a different light. Here are some quotes from history's great minds to help you feel more at home in your rental:

"Where thou art - that - is home." Emily Dickinson - If home is where you are, then make your home a reflection of who you are. Decorate with items that express your beliefs, emotions and interests. On your next visits to friends and family ask them to share a few mementos that warm your soul. Go through old photos and put them in new frames for your apartment. Update your contact list with mailing addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. Make a weekly habit of calling at least one person from your list.

"It is a miserable thing to feel ashamed of home." Charles Dickens - Keep your place clean and inviting, if you don't you'll likely never feel like inviting anyone over. No one expects your place to be super fancy, but they do expect not to have to sit on a couch covered in orange Cheeto dust. Even if you need to shop at a second hand store for mis-matched furniture, shop and decorate with hospitality and the comfort of others in mind.

"The ornament of the house is the friends who frequent it." Ralph Waldo Emerson - Learn new skills to help you feel more comfortable entertaining in your home. A cooking class or wine tasting event can not only introduce you to more people, but give you pointers on easy foods to make and drinks to serve as well as giving you new topics of conversation. Start collecting recipes and party ideas from magazines, books, TV shows and the Internet.

"The dog is a lion in his own house." A Persian proverb - Decorate with what makes you feel most at home. Your first apartment is a great opportunity to experiment with different ways to express yourself and explore your interests. Decorate in your school's colors, or with exotic objects from another culture that you want to learn more about. Your apartment can be yet another way that you can learn more about who you are and what you want out of life.

"The most fortunate of men, be he king or commoner, is he whose welfare is assured in his own home." Goethe - Take care of the basics so that you can enjoy your home. That means watching your finances, keeping your bills paid and your debt under control. Your safety is important too. Make sure your doors and windows lock and let your property owner know if the path to your door needs better lighting. Getting to know your neighbors is a good idea too.

"Let a man behave in his own house as a guest." Ralph Waldo Emerson - Treat your place with respect. Set a regular schedule to clean and put your dishes away after eating. Get rid of clutter. Even if you are living alone, treat your place as if you aren't. Easier said then done, but worth the effort.

"Tis ever common that men are merriest when they are from home." Shakespeare - Get outside when you're feeling down. Breathe the fresh air, listen to some music, head to a coffee shop for a latte and some light reading. Volunteer some of your time to a worthy cause.

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