1514 E Fairwood Drive
1514 E Fairwood Drive, Bloomington IN 47408
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ListingID: 60852
Property: Duplex
Last Updated: 3/6/2016
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I have lived here for 3 years, and love it. The only reason I'm leaving is because I've bought a house. This clean and spacious 750 sq ft, 2-bedroom, 1-bath brick duplex is available on May 1 for either a 12-month lease OR summer sublet. Summer sublet is $625, after Aug. 1, you'll rent from the owners for $650. The owners live nearby and manage the rental themselves. They do all the yardwork and maintenance, and have always responded to me right away whenever I need anything. One-month security deposit. Tenant pays utilities - for a single person, they are around $85/month. Hardwood floors in bedroom, carpet in living room, washer/dryer and A/C included. Gas furnace and stove. There are very large, new windows in all the rooms, as well as a picture window in the living room. There is a small wooden deck in front yard perfect for BBQ's or enjoying a sunny day. Concrete two-car driveway. Huge yard. Sorry no pets! The subdivision is largely surrounded by woods, and is full of large, lovely trees. This is an extremely safe and friendly neighborhood located right behind Marlin Elementary school. Perfect for hikers and IU staff/students. Just a mile from Lake Griffy and 5 minutes drive to the IU Stadium. It's also an extremely convenient location for getting to IN-37 for anyone who commutes to Indy. Email btownapts@gmail.com or call/text 812-955-0060.
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